Nothing is lost, everything is transformed
Nothing is lost, everything is transformed


In Romania important quantities of untapped biodegradable wastes exist: sewage sludge, wastes from animal farms, wastes from food processing industry, biodegradable municipal wastes, biomass etc. Thus, their use is imposed. Mainly, their use for biogas production is preferred since Romania is among the countries that previously had serious achievements in this area.

Nowadays, such plants exist worldwide being used mainly for electric energy production but also for thermic energy production (cogeneration). Thus, the European leader in the field is Germany with a share of 60% (22.4 TWh/year) of the total European biogas production. Moreover, China and India increased their biogas production capacities during the last years. Thus, by the end of 2012, China obtained at least 800 MW from biogas while India approximately 70 MW.

Currently, the European Union aims by its latest call (HORIZON 2020) that all member states will achieve until 2020 a share of 20% of renewable energies in their total energy consumption. From this point of view, Romania is still at the beginning, with a share of 0.4% from wind energy (as renewable energy source) in 2010. Biomass is poorly addressed. Thus, the amount of electricity produced from biogas is actually 42 MW from 10400 MW of total electric energy produced.  This is due to the low interest in this field, reflected in the lack of a special national legislation for biogas. Consequently only 24 such plants are currently operational.

As a conclusion, Romania is at a favorable moment for the development of a national infrastructure of biogas (energy) production from wastes, as requested also by the EU policy. Moreover, the creation an association in this field will bring benefits to all the involved actors, especially due to the financing possibilities from national and European funds and programs.

In this idea, 18 entities met in February 2014 at IPROCHIM headquarters from Bucharest, in order to lay the foundations of “BIOGASINNO - energie sustenabilă” cluster (BIOGASINNO Cluster). During this meeting were signed all documents for its foundation: Partnership Protocol, Statute of BiogasInno Association (Cluster’s Management Entity) and Constitutive Act of the Association. Subsequently, other SMEs joined the cluster, the cluster being constantly opened to other entities and SMEs that fold on its activity field and that want to be involved in its projects. As main feature, BIOGASINNO Cluster has a strong component of research and innovation. The synergies that are envisaged to be achieved by this association are as presented in the figure below.


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